Professional photo studio voor car photography

Photographing cars is a time-consuming activity, especially when you do it outside or in a corner of the showroom. And the results are often far from perfect: colours that don’t come out right, too much or too little light and an inconsistent background. 

With a professional photo studio, you can take photos of impressive quality in no time at all. Apart from the fact that you no longer have to manoeuvre your cars thanks to the easily controllable advanced turntable, you also have calm backgrounds and optimised lighting. Not only does this make you more efficient, it also raises your online presentation to a higher level. Do you already have lighting or back walls? The layout of the photo studio can be put together entirely according to your wishes. We only supply the parts that you need.

  • Photography when it suits you, whatever the weather
  • Quicker turnaround thanks to automated workflows
  • Grow your sales: good and consistent photos ensure qualitative leads and faster sales

The Professional Studio is the ideal solution for companies who need an innovative online presentation and a more efficient photography process.

Why choose the Professional Studio?

Create your own photo corner

Depending on your budget and wishes, you can choose the components you need. We are happy to advise you!

High quality photos and stock presentation

Stand out online with uniform and professional photos and gain the trust of the buyer.

Shorter turnaround time and sold faster

Good and consistent photos provide quality leads and faster sales.

Assemble your professional photo studio

Whether you want to upgrade an existing photo corner or create a new photo area, with this advanced turntable with studio components you can easily set up a professional photo corner. To place cars easily on the turntable, you can choose to have the turntable built into the floor (for new construction) or to install a raised floor around it.

Both options minimise the visibility of the turntable in photographs.

  • Tip: are you not photographing or filming? Then use the professional photo studio for an extra wow effect at the delivery of sold cars.

The Professional Studio can be assembled from these components:


Reliable turntable ⌀ 5 metres

Dutch design, German technology

The Pre-Motion turntable has proved itself at home and abroad to be stable and reliable for years. All European passenger cars can be photographed with the Ø 5 metre turntable. Standard load capacity up to 3000 kg.

Info & Specifications


Built-in or elevated floor

Simply drive onto the turntable

To drive cars onto the turntable with ease, you can choose to have the turntable built into the floor (for new construction) or install a raised floor around it. We are happy to advise you on the finishing of the floor.

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Studio walls

Uniform background for your photos

A uniform photo without distracting surroundings allows you to focus more on the car. Create your photo corner with walls in L-shape, U-shape or a completely closed studio box.

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Professional cameras

Razor-sharp and uniform images

Take razor-sharp pictures with the exterior camera on an industrial tripod. This way, the camera is firmly mounted and you get uniform images of every car. The dedicated detail camera captures all the details and the interior.

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Automating photography through to publication

The Photo-Motion software automates the entire photography process. From taking the photos to publishing them on your website and stock management system. Save even more time and make the process as simple as possible!

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Photograph and sell cars faster

Has the Professional Studio been installed? Then it’s time to start taking pictures! With the positioning control you only have to drive the car on the advanced turntable and select a programme of your choice. These programmes can be adjusted as desired via the touch panel. Have you selected a programme? Then the advanced turntable will start spinning automatically and will stop at specific points to take pictures.

Because you no longer need to manoeuvre the car and the photos are taken automatically, you save a lot of time. In addition to this efficiency, uniformity in the photos is also created because the cars are photographed from fixed angles. Do you also want to take interior photos? That is possible with the separate detail camera. This professional photo studio also offers the possibility of making 360-degree video recordings.

Processing the photos manually or automatically

Do you process a lot of cars every day and is organising the photos a time-consuming task? Then automate the entire process with the software from Photo-Motion. This software automates the entire process and immediately puts the photos online. So no more fiddling around with cables and cards, but the photos are directly and organised on your PC.

The photos can also be placed directly on your website and be linked to your stock management system, including Wheelerdelta, Autotelex and OBS VM. In addition, this programme makes it possible to have the photos automatically post-processed and to automatically add a logo. This gives the photos an even more professional look, while you work on the branding of your company.

Want to buy a professional photo studio for your company?

The Professional Studio is the ideal solution for companies that want to invest in an impressive online presentation and a more efficient photography process. Have you chosen a nice corner for the professional photo studio? Then our experts will install the desired components and explain how the photography process works. The intuitive designs and user-friendly layout make the controls very easy to use.

  • A tailor-made photo booth for every situation
  • Can also be used for car delivery with an extra wow-effect
  • No special knowledge of technology or photography required

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a suitable place to take photos?

There are a number of things to consider when looking for suitable space within your company or new building:

  1. Logical placement: The room should be conveniently positioned in the routing. This is especially important if you want to photograph a lot of cars each day. It is practical to position the photo studio close to the car wash or the cleaning department.
  2. Easy entry and exit: There should be no obstacles to drive in and out quickly. After all, you want to get the car online as quickly as possible. In the flexible 360-degree rotation programme, you can easily enter the entry and exit position of the car yourself. As a result, it doesn’t matter if the drive-up position is not the right starting position.
  3. Avoid daylight: Ensure that you can regulate the level of daylight in the room as much as possible. Pre-Motion will be happy to advise you on the correct lighting.
  4. Keep it practical: Create a background and a floor that is practical for everyday use and stays beautiful in the “dirty environment” of a car dealership.

How much time does it take to photograph a car?

This depends on the type of studio and the desired end result. The standard studio takes up to 216 photos of the exterior in about 5 minutes. With Photo-Motion HiSpeed this takes only 45 to 90 seconds, depending on the type of camera. In addition, interior photos and possibly a 360° interior photo can be taken. The time needed for this depends on the number of photos and the colleague operating the camera, but on average our customers take 2 to 7 minutes. Driving in and out takes on average about 1 minute in total.

How much space do I need for a Professional Studio?

We recommend a space of 7 x 9 metres for the installation of the advanced turntable, walls and camera.

Can I also build parts of the photo studio myself?

Certainly, with the Professional Studio you can decide entirely yourself which parts you want us to take care of and which you would rather build yourself. For example, Pre-Motion can supply the advanced turntable and cameras and you can build the lighting yourself. We will be happy to discuss this with you.

What happens if I have a question or malfunction?

During weekdays, our team is available to help with questions or malfunctions. If you choose Photo-Motion software, your studio will be equipped with a computer and we can log in remotely to help with questions or settings quickly and easily. We will not charge you any extra for this.

Of course, it may happen that our technical engineers have to visit you to solve a malfunction. With the service contract, you are assured of a quick response for a fixed monthly fee and you will not be charged for man-hours. Feel free to ask for more information.

Does the studio need to be operated by a professional photographer?

No, that is not necessary. The photography process is so straightforward that any employee can master it in a few hours. It is advisable to have an operator who is good at carrying out the same process over and over again, in order to achieve even more uniformity.

Is there a link to my stock management system?

Linking to your systems is possible when using Photo-Motion Software. Photo-Motion interfaces with all the major stock control systems, including Wheelerdelta, OBS VM and AutotelexPRO. They are also constantly adding new systems, so don’t hesitate to contact us about this. In addition, the 360-spinners and the advertisement photos can be automatically loaded onto your website via our API. A simple manual will guide your website builder step-by-step through the process of linking Photo-Motion to your website.

Wondering if buying a professional photo studio is something for your company?

Our specialists will be happy to visit you and provide tailor-made advice, free of obligation.

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