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Every day we are looking for innovation; for ways to stay ahead in the mobility sector. We research how we can make our photography studios even more innovative, brainstorm about how we can support our partners even better and spot opportunities for growth. This is how we ensure that both we and our clients have an edge in a rapidly evolving world.

Because that is vital. The online world is becoming an ever greater part of our lives and that calls for ever smarter solutions. Solutions that make human actions almost obsolete and ensure more and more automation. Digitisation is also increasing the options, which means that high-quality visual material is becoming increasingly important for distinguishing yourself from others.

And that is something we understand. That is why we have been providing photography solutions for an innovative online presentation and a more efficient photography process since 2009.

Our clients

These companies already rely on Pre-Motion 360° solutions. Would you like to know what problems they encountered before purchasing their solution? Then read our customer cases.

On a never-ending quest for improvement

Nothing is as precious as time. That is why we search day in and day out for ways to spend it as efficiently as possible. Our studios have the most advanced techniques to make the photography process as quick and easy as possible. Specialised knowledge of technology or photography is therefore not necessary; after a brief explanation, any employee can make great photo series.

Working together for the future

Investing in a photo studio is not something you do ‘overnight’. It requires an understanding of the client’s needs, the current processes and the potential of the intended space to find the best solution. We take the time for this and think proactively with you about how to create the best result. Even after installation, we remain at your side with support that is available throughout the working week.

With both feet on the ground

No smooth talk, but good and honest advice. Thanks to our years of experience and up-to-date knowledge of the mobility sector, we know what we have to offer. And we are proud of that as a team. We are also quick to recognise necessary changes, which helps us to attract new customers and to grow our long-term relationships. After all, your success is our success.

Our Team

Pieter Koning


Jan Willem Mauritz


Frauke Hielscher

New Business Sales DACH

Carole Konings

New Business Sales

Peter MacLean

New Business Sales

Denny Benschop

Design Engineering

Niels Jacobs

Junior Product Engineer

Niels Koning

Work Preparation

Jasper ten Have

Work Preperation

Bart Hoogmoed

Operations manager

Kim Werkmann


Sander van der Heijden


Arne van Malsen

Production & Installation

Marco de Vries

Production & Installation

Jan Roelofs

Production & Installation

Maarten Schimmel

Production & Installation

Ruben Pekkeriet

Production & Installation

Rob van Kooten

Production & Installation

Youri Mosterd

Production & Installation