Turntable UltraLow

The world's lowest rotating platform

Quality, reliability & innovation

That is what Pre-Motion has been about for over 15 years, and it shows in our latest product: the Turntable UltraLow™.

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World’s lowest turntable

With a height of less than 3 centimetres, the turntable is the lowest in the world. Just a bit higher than a 2 euro coin. 😉

Therefore you don’t need a separate ramp or raised floor to drive up the turntable. And of course it looks great!

Easy to use turntable

The turntable helps you to park efficiently or to photograph your (car) stock at lightning speed. You can choose between different control options, so that you can easily operate the turntable.

  • Control pillar with touch screen
  • App on PC or tablet
  • Wall mounted control

By linking to your camera, the stock is photographed in an instant. Start a photo session with the touchscreen or the app or link directly to your website with software.

Make your digital showroom stand out with a turntable

As a photo studio specialist, we’d love to help you take your digital showroom to the next level. From a complete photo studio to an L-wall set with a light ceiling: we have options in different price ranges.

See our 360° photography solutions

Turntables available in various diameters

From cars to motorbikes and from plants to furniture: various products find their turn with the Turntable UltraLow™. Various diameters are possible starting from Ø 2 metres.

Technical specifications

Diameter turntable Ø 2000 - 5000 mm (larger formats on request)
Recessed and/or surface-mounted installation?Surface-mounted (free-standing), Recessed possible
Construction materialSteel sheet (galvanised)
Finish topSteel sheet (galvanised)
Turntable height27mm
Standard load bearing capacity3.000 kg
Rotation speedContinuously adjustable: approximately 0.5 - 1.5 rotation per minute
DirectionCounter-clockwise, Clockwise
Power supply230 Vac / 50Hz (L+N+PE)
Power consumption 0,25 KW

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