Modular studio walls for your photo studio

The solid studio walls provide a calm and uniform background for your photos in your photo studio. Because the walls are essentially modular, we can put together a customised studio set-up. Possible components are straight sections, right angles and round corners. In addition, we work with curtains to keep out unwanted reflections.

  • Modular design: flexibly compose a suitable wall set
  • The walls stand alone and free in the room
  • Can be finished in any colour (in-house or by Pre-Motion)

Our specialists will be happy to look at your situation with you in order to recommend a studio design that fits in perfectly with your space and routing. Together we will find the best walls for your photo studio.

A number of possible concepts for photo studio walls:


The versatility of our solid walls opens up a world of possibilities for your photo studio. Thanks to their modular design, we can create a customized studio setup that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you require straight sections, right angles, or rounded corners, everything is possible. These walls stand alone and free in the space, allowing you to flexibly adjust the studio layout for different photo shoots.

Furthermore, the walls can be finished in any color, either in-house or by Pre-Motion. The use of curtains helps prevent unwanted reflections, giving you maximum control over the lighting in your studio. Our specialists are ready to assess your situation and recommend a studio design that seamlessly integrates with your space and workflow. Together, we’ll discover the best solution for your photo studio.

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