Professional Online Motorbike Presentation Through Innovative Turntable

Improved Online Stock Presentation

Big Rivers, a Dutch Harley-Davidson dealer, has chosen an innovative solution to improve their online stock presentation. To create a professional and consistent look, they invested in a Ø 2.5-metre turntable from Pre-Motion.

Easy entry and exit & automatic photos

This turntable has a remarkably flat design of only 28mm high, allowing motorbikes to easily ride up and down. Moreover, it automatically takes pictures at preset positions, presenting each bike in the same way online.

Consistent online motor presentation

With Pre-Motion’s Ø2.5m turntable, Big Rivers offers an efficient and uniform presentation of their new and used motorbikes in the online showroom. The flat design and automatic photography system provide an enhanced visual experience and trustworthiness of the online stock.

Enhanced Visual Experience and Reliability

Customers can now explore Big Rivers’ showroom with confidence, knowing that they are getting a reliable and consistent display of motorbikes. Pre-Motion’s turntable has helped Big Rivers take their online presentation to the next level, helping them stand out in the competitive motorbike market.

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